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About Us

O nebs Foundation Academy is a co-educational, independent, non-partisan, non-racial Academic Institution run by O nebs Foundation Inc. U.S.A whose aim is to give every child a secured future through quality education. Onebs stands as a gathering ground for class, productivity and outstanding representation of everything elite in the society. We aim to ensure that your child builds a strong foundation that will enable them push through the society easily as they grow. With our international affiliations, Onebs has been able to ensure that your child becomes a candidate for the global community. For us at Onebs, quality education, class, affluence, globalization and international partnership is our own idea of placing your child among the elite class nationally and internationally. We do not settle for less. We believe in the gathering of like minds, to ensure global relevance for our students. We are truly a school for transforming young scholars into global leaders.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality and easier avenue for education to every child globally. We pay attention to students with elite pedigree and ensure they are interconnected with students of same class. We aim to promote lifelong learning and interaction in an open and caring atmosphere that motivates students to be confident and responsible global citizens.


Our Vision

To build a new world of class, jet set, a dynasty of the crème de la crème in the society and a global interconnectivity of great world leaders who have a history of growing up and studying together in Onebs. We want to have Onebs students in every apex level of leadership politically, ICT, Business, Innovation and Science. We want to secure your child’s future today.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty

  • Excellence

  • Transperency

  • Equal Treatment

  • Accountability


Message from the Founder

It gives me great pleasure to welcome each one of you to the O NEBS Foundation Academy Website. O NEBs Foundation Academy will strive to be the leading privately owned educational institution in Nigeria. This website will not only be a way for our beloved country and the world to see what our academy is all about, it will also be an avenue for all to participate in the development of the future as we contribute to the shaping of the leaders of tomorrow. Finally, on behalf of the Shareholders and Board Members of the Academy, I urge you to take a keen interest in building our Academy.

O nebs foundation academy is a co-educational, independent, non-partisan, non-racial academic institution run by O nebs foundation - a non-governmental organization whose aim is to give every child quality education built on the foundation of excellence.