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  • Start 2015/2016 Academic session: 21st September, 2015
  • Main Campus, Akwakuma, Imo State, Nigeria.
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Our aim is to achieve effectiveness in the core skills of reading, oral and written communication and dexterity with numbers during the primary school years.
These are of prime importance and without which further progress can not be achieved. Through topics, themes and projects, the pupils are also introduced to the world around them and trained in the understanding of life in its many and varied aspects. Using internationally accepted best practices, children are taught to inquire, use and apply skills learned.

During the early years of elementary education, we seek to achieve the following:

  1. Ensure that pupils receive optimum tuition in order to maximize attainment and enhance their general development.
  2. Emphasize the importance of developing the core skills in Literacy and Numeracy.
  3. Offer further specialist tuition, if needed, to pupils experiencing difficulties in achieving satisfactory performance levels.
  4. Provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment in which happiness and application flourish side by side.
  5. Advise, guide and train the child to develop appropriate behavioral skills at individual and group levels.
  6. Introduce another modern language, offering the challenge of learning a different form of communication.
  7. Offer the right challenges within a well-supervised and caring environment to enhance self-esteem and self confidence.


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Our teaching approach is child-centered. It neither imposes on the child nor does it abandon him/her in total free play. Each class is equipped with didactic materials in five curriculum areas: - Life Exercises - Sensorial education - Mathematics - Languages - Cultural Subjects.


These provide formative activities for the pupils within a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child can learn and grow at his/her own pace, along the lines of natural development, with the teacher acting as a guide and facilitator.


O nebs foundation academy is a co-educational, independent, non-partisan, non-racial academic institution run by O nebs foundation - a non-governmental organization whose aim is to give every child quality education built on the foundation of excellence.