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Parents are by this notice informed that dismisal time for the first week of resumtion is 1pm. 

Parents are advice come and pick their ward(s) on time.

Thank you

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COMPUTER TRAINING BATCH B resumes 25th January 20201

The batch B classes for DIPLOMA AND BASIC will be commencing on Monday 25th January 2021 for the year.

Old and new students are expected to resume immediately according to their time table to avoid missing out. 

While the Onebs computer institute provides adequate computer system and facilities to students,... Read more


Registration into DAYCARE, NURSERY, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY CLASSES is still ongoing.

Intending students are expected to apply via our online platform by visiting https://www.onebsacademy.org/apply-online or visit the school at NO 1 O NEBS CLOSE Ebeada akwakuma to physically apply. 

Entrance exam for the second batch for 2020/2021 academic year will be... Read more

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